The Basics of Iran Visa Requirements

iran visa requrements

All Iran Visa applicants must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran, the official approval times is about five to seven working days, Turkish passport holders can get a three month Tourist Visa on arrival while you’re holding British and or Canadian passport and you may wait for two weeks, or a US passport for an about one month, however Iran has visa requirements for all foreign travellers. All non-Iranian entering the country are required to have a valid passport; additionally they will be required to have a visa for travelling to Iran.

It is important for anyone planning a Travel to Iran to check with the Iranian embassy the latest Iran visa requirements in regards to their citizenship.

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Iran Entry Visa - Iran Visa on Arrival

The citizens of the following country are granted to obtain an Iran Tourist Visa on arrival at following airports:

IKA : Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport
THR : Tehran Mehrabad Airport
MHD : Mashad Airport
SYZ : Shiraz Airport
TBZ : Tabriz Airport
ISF : Isfahan Airport

Iran Entry visa are issued for a purpose of Tourism or pilgrimage. In Theory you can fly into Tehran, Esfahan, Shiraz, Mash’had and Tabriz and receive a 2 weeks Iran Tourist Visa on arrival.

Iran Visa on arrival is not applicable for American, the British and the Canadian passport holders Peoples of those countries are able to apply for the visa beforehand
The applicant(s) with a valid passport with at least 6 months validity
Visa stamp fee is EUR 55.00 for the holder of the passport and an extra EUR 10.00 any companions

Iran visa on Arrival is only for tourist purposes and the followings are not permitted to this visa:
Journalists and reporters on mission
Applicants whose applications for Iran Visa have been rejected before
Iranians with dual nationality while still maintaining their Iranian nationality

Iran Transit Visas

A five day Iran Transit issued for those passing through Iran, such as those who will be taking connecting flights to other locations outside of Iran. Transit Visas cost almost as much as a Tourist Visas and while in Theory processing could be faster while in reality takes often two weeks, One good Tips for Iran Transit Visa is that you don’t need an agency to sponsor but you might need a letter of recommendations from your embassy and the main disadvantage is that Iran is a vast country and five they is very short time and Iran Transit Visas are not extendable.

How to Extend Your Iran Visa

Very reliable and cheap way to extend an Iran tourist visas, The general fact is that you can extend your visa by its original duration of stay at least twice without any hassle, so an initial 1 month Iran Tourist visa let you stay over 90 days.The cost of a visa renewal is 100,000 Rials plus 3,000 Rials for the forms and a folder. In addition you will need two passports sized and a copy of the bank recipt, your current Iranian visa, any previous extensions and the photo page of your passport.The best places to extend an Iran Tourist Visa are Shiraz and Esfahan as you are able to receive the extensions on the same day.

Iran Business Visas

Well, Iran Business Visas are more difficult to apply compare to the Iran Tourist Visas, to get a two week or one month extendable Business Visa you must have a business contact in Iran who can sponsor your visit through the Ministry of Foreign Affair in Tehran.

Apply for Visa on arrival

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Bahrain, Brazil, Brunei, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina

China, Croatia, Cyprus, Cuba


France, Finland

Germany, Greece, Georgia

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Italy, Ireland Rep, India, Indonesia


Kyrgystan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Soth Korea

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Thailand, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan

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Venezuela, Vietnam


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Iran attracts visitors for many reasons, some Travel to Iran due to the historical attractions of Iran, others a Tours to Iran is to visit fascinating contrast between the modern Iran and ancient Persia, many travelers visit Iran to see variety of sites and landscapes, archaeological, religious and simply beautiful Iran Tourist Attractions. We wish you to Travel to Iran too.

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